Review of Photosynthesis Example 1

Jason Amores Sumpter
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all right. So here we have an example problem that wants us to complete the following diagram that's down below by filling in all of the blanks. And so notice that this diagram has the light reactions over here occurring inside of the pillow, coy IDs. And then it has the Calvin cycle over here occurring in this Troma. And so really, what we need to recall from our previous lesson videos is that the light reactions is, of course, going to use light as one of the reactant. And not only does it use life, but it also uses water as one of the reactant since, and so ultimately, in terms of the products of the light reactions, it ends up producing oxygen gas, or 02 and then it also ends up producing chemical energy in the form of ATP and N a. D. PH. And this 80 p and N a. D. PH is going to be utilized by the Calvin Cycle Azaz energy source to drive the reactions. And so the Calvin cycle over here, which is occurring in the strom of the chloroplast, is going to utilize carbon dioxide gas as a reactant or co two as a reactant, and ultimately it's going to utilize the 80 p and N a. D pH along with the CO two, and it's going to be able to produce glucose as one of the products here. And, of course, as it consumes the A t p and N a. D pH. It's going to convert them into their lower energy forms. So that would be a D. P and N a. D p plus. And so ultimately, this is filling out the entire diagram here to review the two major stages of photosynthesis, the light reactions and the Calvin cycle. And so this here concludes our example problem, and I'll see you all in our next video.