Punnett Squares

Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our introduction to pun it squares and so upon its square is really just a diagram. It's a very specific diagram that is going to show the possible Gina Types and FINA types of offspring for a specific trait. Now as well. See moving forward in our course pun it squares are going to represent both my ASUs or gammy formation, as well as fertilization or gammy fusion. Now again, punnett squares show the possibilities that offspring will inherit a specific trait. And we'll get to talk Maura, about how to use pundits squares in our next video. But down below. What we have is this really interesting image, which is showing you a pea plant over here that's saying, Hey, wanna make baby peas with me to this other P plant over here and notice that this other P plan is saying Onley. If one of them will be green, let's check the pun it square, and so notice Here is the pun. It's square and this pea plants hand and again, you can use pun it squares to determine the possibilities that the offspring will inherit specific traits. And so again, we'll be able to talk about how to use upon its where in our next video, so I'll see you all there.