Life's Organizational Hierarchy Example 1

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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all right. So here we have an example problem that says the image below represents the hierarchy of life. Which of the following shows the correct order for Levels two through four. And we've got these five potential answer options down below. And so if we take a look at our image down below, over here on the right hand side, notice that it does represents the hierarchy of life. However, it is not showing all of the levels of life's organizational hierarchy that we talked about in our last lesson. Video notice that it's starting at the smallest level off organism, and it builds up to the highest level of biosphere. And so it's missing all of the smaller levels of organization that are smaller than organism. However, even though it's missing some of the levels of organization, we still need to make sure that levels two through four here are in the correct order, going from smallest to largest. And so if we take a look at the first level of organization being shown here in this image, it is organism. And so we have one single organism, one single form of life, this one fish being shown here and then in number to notice that we are showing ah group or a collection of the same species of organism because we have the same exact type of fish. And so because we have a group of the same species of organism living in the same area, what this means is that we have a population here now moving on to number three. Notice that it's now starting to show multiple populations with different species of fish. And so because we have multiple populations with different species, this level three here is referring to the community and then notice that moving on to number four in this image, it's starting to show mawr of the non living environment. You can see these rocks, uh, that air being shown here. And so we still have the population, the living biotic environment. We still have these this community of fish, but we are also starting to include the non living environment, which means that number four is referring to the ecosystem. And of course, we know that all of the ecosystems on Earth allow us to get the biosphere, which is the last level, and so we need to select the answer option that reflects the order that we have here where two is going to be referring to the population. Three is the community and four is the ecosystem. And the only answer option that reflects what we just talked about here is answer Option C, which says that, too, is the population. Three is the community and for is the ecosystem, just as we discussed here and so we could go ahead and indicate that option. See, here is the correct answer to this example problem and that includes that concludes this example. So we'll see you guys in our next video where we can get some practice.