Kingdoms of the Eukarya Domain

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce the kingdoms of the You carry a domain. And so although each of the three domains has their own respective kingdoms in this video, once again we're on Lee going to focus on the kingdoms of the you carry a domain. And so what we need to recall from our previous lesson videos is that organisms in each domain can be further subdivided into the kingdom's and the domain you carry a specifically has four kingdoms that you guys should be aware of. And so notice down below in our image, we're showing you that domain. You Kariya has four kingdoms with each of these four boxes that we see down below. And so the first kingdom is kingdom on Amalia, which includes tigers and humans and all the insects and things like that that you can think about. And so we would put these, uh, here as multi cellular organisms because they consist of multiple types of cells. The next kingdom is kingdom plant, which includes flowers and plants and trees and things of that sort and these air also going to be multi cellular, the third Kingdom within domain. You Correa is kingdom fungi. And this, of course, includes fungi and mushrooms like these, and they're mostly going to be multi cellular. And then the fourth and final kingdom of domain, you, Correa, are going to be the protests or pro Teesta and pro Teesta, or protests, as you can see here. By this image, they can be uni cellular, but they can also be multi cellular as well. And so you carry outs or organisms that fall in the U. K. Your domain. Because of the protests, they can either be, um, uni, cellular or multi cellular. And so you guys should be aware and familiar with these four different kingdoms of the domain you carry, uh and so this here concludes our introduction to these kingdoms and as we move forward, will be able to continue to talk Mawr and Maura about how organisms can be classified. So I'll see you in our next video