Experimental Design Example 1

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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All right. So here we have an example problem that says a scientific researcher designs an experiment to test the effectiveness of a new sleeping pill compared to the brand name product. Match each of the following controls or outcomes in the experiment, which we have over here to their appropriate description, which we have over here. And so notice that the first description here says a sugar pill that should have no effect on the patient. And so notice that we have an expectation that this sugar pill should have no effect or it should respond negatively to the test. And so because we have an expectation that it should respond negatively, this would be our negative control. And so, over here in this blank, we can put number one s so that it matches with number one over here, and then we can cross off one from our list. Now moving on the second description here says, Ah, patient does not fall asleep after taking the brand name pill. Now, remember that the brand name pill has been proven to be successful in the past, and so we have expectations that it should react positively. And so if it does not react positively. Remember, the brand name pill is supposed to be a sleeping pill. So it's supposed to put people to sleep. And so if the patient does not fall asleep, that means that we're getting a negative result even when we're supposed tohave a positive result. And so this would be an example off a false negative. And so that would match with D down here so we could put to here and then cross off to from this list. Now three here says a brand name pill that has proven toe work on patients. And so once again, we have an expectation that this brand name pill should react positively. It should work. And, uh, because we expect that it should react positively, This would make it the positive control. And so we can put number three here and cross three off our list. And then, of course, last but not least, the false positive is gonna be number four, which says, Ah, patient falls asleep after taking the non effective sugar pill, and the sugar pill here would be like the placebo, which would be the pill that is not supposed to have any effect, since it's like a fake pill. And so this is gonna match with four being a false positive that the patient falls asleep. That's the positive result when they're not supposed to fall asleep. And so here are the answers to this example problem, and that concludes this example. So I'll see you in our next video.