Genetic Code

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our lesson on the genetic code, and so the genetic code is just a table. It's a specific table that reveals how DNA and RNA encode the sequence of amino acids in a protein. And so the genetic code is really the link between nucleic acids, like DNA aren't a and the amino acids of a protein. Now the genetic code is relatively universal or relatively consistent across all organisms. But it can have some differences between different species occasionally, and the genetic code analyzes one code on at a time and recall that a code on is a three nucleotide sequence that's found in the messenger RNA. The M Arna and each code on each three nucleotide sequence is going to specify or reveal one particular amino acid. And so we use the genetic code to analyze one code on at a time, revealing one amino acid at a time. And so we'll be able to talk about exactly how to use the genetic code in our next lesson video. So I'll see you all there