Protein Ubiquitination

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to talk about protein ubiquitous nation. And so you corrodes need a way to remove or degrade proteins in a cell that are no longer needed. And so recall from our previous lesson videos that cells can utilize post translational modifications or P T. M s to tag specific proteins in a cell to be degraded by cellular. Proteus is these enzymes that degrade proteins. Now, in terms of ubiquity nation, you Bic Witten is actually a small peptide, a small fragment of protein that is going to be used by eukaryotic cells to mark other proteins for degradation. And so we'll be able to see this down below in our image. Now ubiquitous in Ligue Ace is an enzyme, a cellular enzyme that is going to add, uh, it's going to add the ubiquitous in peptide to target the protein for degradation. And so let's take a look at our image down below to get a better understanding of this. Uh, and in this example, we're looking at how ubiquitous ladies can add a ubiquitous peptide to misfolded or nonfunctioning proteins in order to get rid of them and remove them. And so, once again. This is a type of post translational modification that occurs in the cytoplasm and protein ubiquity nation. Basically, what you can see in this image is that the M RNA strain is going to be translated into a protein, perhaps an inactive or misfolded nonfunctioning protein. And so what can happen is this enzyme ubiquitous. Only gays can take this ubiquitous in molecule. This is ubiquitous in tag and take the ubiquitous tag and transfer it over to the tagged protein. So now we have a tag protein, and this tag protein has been tagged for degradation by the Proteas enzyme over here. And so the protease enzyme combined to the tagged protein and that is ultimately going to lead to protein degradation. And that will remove the protein that is no longer needed. That is non functioning or that is misfolded. And so this is a way of regulating gene expression as well, getting rid of proteins that are no longer needed. And so this year concludes our brief introduction to Protein Ubiquity Nation, and we'll be able to get some practice applying these concepts as we move forward in our course. So I'll see you all in our next video