Importance of Cell Division

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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So now that we've introduced the three main types of cell division binary vision, mitosis and my ASUs in this video, we're going to talk about the importance of cell division. And so cell division is an important process for reproduction, making more life, fetal development or growth. Allowing a single celled zygote to grow into a baby and allowing the baby to grow into a fully mature adult is through the process of cell division and also cell division is an important process for tissue repair. If you get a cut or something like that, uh, that tissue is going to die when you get that cut and so that dead tissue needs to be replaced. And that replacement, those replacement cells, come from the process of cell division and so down below. Here on the left hand side, we're showing you an image of a sexual reproduction, basically showing you how a single cell can divide to create two cells and so you can see the cell here is in the process of dividing. And so some cells rely on cell division for reproduction purposes, since many organisms are single celled, and the only way that they can create more life is through cell division now. Also, fetus development is going to be a critical. Uh, it's going to be a component. Um, that is a or cell division is going to be a critical component for fetus development, allowing a ah single cells. I go to grow into a fetus and allowing the fetus toe grow and develop into a ah baby and the baby to grow into a toddler and so on until the, um, full adult is formed. This is very important, and cell division plays a big role in the process of fetus development. And so here, in this images showing you, ah, single cell zygote here and how it can divide to form two cells. And then each of those condemn vied to form four cells and so on until there are trillions of cells allowing for the fetus to develop. And then once again, ah, cell division is very important for tissue repair and renewal. And so this is showing you an image of some cells that are dividing to help repair a specific tissue. And so cell division is very, very, very important is the main idea. Here and again, these are the main components that cell division is important for. But again, when a single cell divides to create two cells, each of those cells needs to have a copy of the DNA. And so that means that before a Selcan defied before any Selcan divide, it must first replicate or duplicate or make an extra copy of the DNA so that once again, each of the daughter cells that results can get their own copy of the DNA. And so, uh, the organization of the DNA is going to be a very important component to being able to understand cell division and how it works. So moving forward in our course, we're gonna start to talk about the organization of DNA inside of the cell, so I'll see you all in our next video.