Krebs Cycle

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our introduction to the Krebs cycle. And so the crabs cycle is the third stage of aerobic cellular respiration, and it's important to know that the Krebs cycle is also commonly known as the citric acid cycle, and sometimes it's also referred to as the T C A cycle. And so it's important to know that the citric acid cycle and the TC a cycle are synonyms for the same exact cycle the Krebs cycle. And that's because your professor your textbooks might use a different term to refer to the same exact cycle and in our course were mainly going to be referring to this as the Krebs cycle. Now as well learn moving forward in our course, the crab cycle is going to oxidize acetyl coa, a producing energy in the form of a little bit of a teepee. But a lot of n a. D. H and some F A. D. H two and so down below noticed that we're showing you the image for all four stages of aerobic cellular respiration. And already in our course, we've covered like calluses, which occurs outside of the mitochondria, producing two pair of eights. And we also covered Piru oxidation, which converts those Piru Bates into molecules of acetyl coa way. And so this is where the Krebs cycle is going to pick up with right where we left off with Peruvian oxidation. Okay? And so we'll talk. Maura, Maura, about the crab cycle as we move forward in our course, so I'll see you all in our next video.