by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce chloroplasts. And so chloroplasts are organelles that are actually green in color and so chloroplast. They are green organelles and they function specifically as the site of a process called photo synthesis. And this process of photosynthesis occurs in many plant cells that contain these green chloroplasts organelles. But what is this process of photosynthesis? Exactly? Well, photosynthesis is once again a cellular process that uses energy from the sun or sunlight in order to synthesize or to produce sugars such as glucose, for instance. And so, if we take a look at our image down below, over here on the left hand side, notice that we're showing you an image using a light microscope, looking at plant cells that contain chloroplasts. And so all of these green circles that you see here throughout this image represent chloroplasts. And once again, chloroplasts are these green organelles that function as the site of photosynthesis, the process that uses energy from the sunlight to synthesize sugars such as glucose. So over here on the right hand side, we're showing you a little reaction here for the process of photosynthesis, which occurs in many plant cells So here what we're showing you is a plant that is conducting the process of photosynthesis and photosynthesis. What it does is it converts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or CO two from the atmosphere. Also water from the environment or atmosphere. And it takes carbon dioxide water along with the sunlight from the environment or the atmosphere which we're showing you here. And it converts the carbon dioxide, the water and the sunlight, and it converts them to create sugars like what we see right here, which would actually represent glucose, which is a very specific sugar. And in addition to creating the sugar, it also creates oxygen, gas or oh, to like what we see here, which is a really important gas for us because we breathe in oxygen, gas and so plants because they perform photosynthesis, they produce a lot of the oxygen gas that we breathe in. And so this here concludes our introduction to chloroplasts and how chloroplasts are these green organelles that serve as the site of photosynthesis inside of many plant cells and photosynthesis is the process that uses sunlight to synthesize sugars. And so, uh, now that we've covered the general basics of the chloroplasts, and our next video will be able to talk about the structures of the chloroplast, so I'll see you guys in that video.