Step 1) Create Recombinant DNA

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to talk more details about step number one of DNA cloning, which is creating the recombinant DNA and so creating a recombinant DNA molecule is actually a two step process within itself that requires Step one A and Step one Be now Step one A is using restriction enzymes in order to cut the DNA. And so these restriction enzymes, they kind of are like little tiny molecular scissors in a way, because what they do is they can cut the DNA molecule. And so you can see that we're using these scissors in the image to represent the restriction enzymes. And so the restriction enzymes are going to cut the d N A. Now after the d. N A. Has been cut. The second step, part one B, is going to be to use Ligue ace enzymes. And lying is enzymes are going to be enzymes that are going to paste the D N A. Essentially, it's going to act like glue in a way, And so over here, what we have is a little bottle of glue, and that little bottle of glue is supposed to be the symbolic representation of Legatus Enzymes or enzyme that are going to seal together and co violently linked the cut DNA molecules. And so you can see that here we've got the cut bacterial plasmid and the cut gene of interest that are being pasted together by the league enzymes, which again are represented by these little glue bottles that you see here. And so at this point, what we have is the final result, which is the recombinant d n A. And that concludes step number one, the creation of recombinant DNA. And so, um, this here concludes this video, and we'll be able to move on to step number two in our next video.