by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce acids. And so acids are really just any chemical that increases a solutions concentration of hydrogen ions, or H plus ions, and once again recall that the concentration of hydrogen ions can be abbreviated with just brackets like this and it h plus in the middle. Because any time we see the brackets and science, we know it means the concentration of of what's in between the brackets. So this is the concentration of hydrogen ions here, so acids will increase the concentration of hydrogen ions in solution. And so, if we take a look at our example down below, at the addition of hydrochloric acid or HCL toe water, we could see an example of an acid. So notice over here on the far left, we're showing you four different molecules of hydrochloric acid or HCL 123 and four. And as its name implies, hydrochloric acid is an acid, which means that when we add it to water, it is going to increase the concentration of hydrogen ions. And so what happens when we add ah, hydrochloric acid molecule to water, it will actually split up into two components. It will split up into a hydrogen ion and it will split split up into a chloride an ion. And so the H plus on the C l minus eyes what each HCL molecule will split up into when we add it into pure water. And so notice over here in this beaker, we have these chloride and ions here, three of four of them, for that matter, since we have four HCL molecules and we also have four hydrogen ions. And so ultimately, what we can see is that through the addition of HCL to pure water at the end, we have an increase in the concentration of hydrogen ions. We have mawr hydrogen ions in the solution than what we had before. And so we can say that we have increased hydrogen ion concentration and really, that is it for acids. Acids are any substance that will increase the concentration of hydrogen ion. And once again, the concentration of hydrogen ion is really, really important when it comes to biological processes. And we'll get to learn more about that as we move forward in our course. But in our next video, we're gonna talk about bases, so I'll see you all there