by Jason Amores Sumpter
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So now that we've introduced acids in our last lesson video in this video, we're going to introduce bases. And so bases are pretty much the complete opposite of acids. And that's because instead of increasing the concentration of hydrogen ions, bases are any chemical that decreases a solutions concentration of hydrogen ions. Now a classic example of a base is sodium hydroxide or n a O. H. And so if we take a look at our image down below at the addition of sodium hydroxide or any H two water, then we'll be able to see an example of a base. And so notice over here on the far left, we're showing you three molecules of sodium hydroxide or N a O. H. 12 and three. And so when each of these sodium hydroxide molecules is added to water, they will actually split into two substances. They will split into sodium ions and hydroxide ions or O H minus ions. And so you can see that when we add these three sodium hydroxide molecules to water that the sodium hydroxide molecules are going to split into sodium ions and hydroxide ions. And so you'll notice that even in some pure water over here that there's going to be a little bit of hydrogen ions floating around, and so you could see that we start with three hydrogen ions. And so what's important to note is that each of these hydrogen ions that we see here will actually interact with the hydroxide ions. And so when the hydrogen ions interact with the hydroxide ions, it creates water molecules, and so you can see that the H plus ions are now being decreased. And so over here in the last beaker. Because once again, all of the O H minus ions interact with the H plus ions. Uh, toe form water molecules Noticed that in this final beaker over here on the right that the concentration of hydrogen ions has indeed been decreased. And so, unlike acids, which result in increased hydrogen ion concentration bases, we know result in decreased hydrogen ion concentration, just as we see here. And so really, this concludes our introduction to bases and we'll be able to get some practice as we move forward in our course. So I'll see you all in our next video