Enzymes Example 1

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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So here we have an example problem that wants us to complete this sentence here, using one of these four potential answer options down below. And it says certain species of bacteria are able to perform metabolic reactions involving enzymes in hot springs, where the temperatures are really hot because of which one of these reasons now the reason that bacteria are able to perform metabolic reactions in hot springs is because the enzymes that are involved are actually going to have optimal temperatures that are really, really high. So their enzymes have high, optimal temperatures. And so these enzymes are going to work best in temperatures that are really, really high. And so the correct answer here to this example problem is going to be option seat now, looking at some of the other options, such as option Beat says high temperatures make catalysis unnecessary. But really, this is not true. Even in high temperatures, bacteria and other forms of life are going to require enzymes to catalyze their reactions. And so just because the temperatures are high does not mean that catalysis is going to be unnecessary. So this is simply not true, and Option D says that they're enzymes are completely insensitive to temperatures, but this is also not going to be true. Enzymes are always going to be sensitive to their environments, and so these enzymes that have high optimal temperatures. If we were to remove these bacteria from the hot springs and put them into a glacier cold environment, then those enzymes would not work the same. So it's not that they're enzymes are insensitive to temperature. It's just that their enzymes have high optimal temperatures. So Option D here is not gonna be correct. And then Option A says that they are able to maintain a lower internal temperature. But bacteria that are in hot springs are really going to have the same temperature as their outside environment. And so this is really not going to be the reason for why these enzymes air capable of working properly in hot springs. And so once again, the correct answer to this problem here is because they're enzymes, have high, optimal temperatures, and so that concludes this example, and I'll see you all in our next video