Functions of Enzymes

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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So now that we know that enzymes are catalysts and they speed up chemical reactions to make those reactions go faster in this video, we're going to introduce some of the functions of enzymes. And so it turns out that enzymes actually have a wide variety of functions and living cells, and so we're not going to talk about all of the different functions that enzymes can have. But some of those functions include the following three functions that we're showing you down below, and the first is going to be building proteins. And so enzymes are involved with building proteins and making sure that proteins are built at a fast rate. And so you can see here that the enzyme is this little choo choo looking train here. And this choo choo looking train here is an enzyme that's called a Riva zone, which is specifically going to be used to build proteins using messenger RNA. And we'll be able to talk about this process of building proteins later in our our course. But for now, what you can see here is that enzymes are involved with building proteins, and you can see this here represents the enzyme and it's building this protein that you see here Now, enzymes are also really, really important for copying D n A. And so you here, you can see in this image that, uh, the DNA is being copied or duplicated so that there are two copies of the DNA, and this is something that enzymes are involved with and help to make sure that this process occurs at a fast enough rate. And then last but not least, enzymes are also involved with the digestion of food. And so when we eat our foods, enzymes are involved with breaking down the foods that are in our stomachs, and so you could see it here. This represents a picture of our stomachs, and the food that is in our stomachs are going to be broken down using enzymes and enzyme. Speed up the reactions that break down the foods that we digest. And so this year concludes our brief introduction to some of the functions that enzymes have. But the idea is that they are going to speed up chemical reactions and are involved with a wide variety of functions in living cells. And so I'll be able to see you guys in our next video