Monohybrid Crosses

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our lesson on mono hybrid crosses. And so a mono hybrid cross is really just a cross fertilization event between two mono hybrid organisms. And so recall from our previous lesson videos that mono hybrids are really just organisms that are hetero zegas for just one specific gene. And that's because the root mono is a route that means want. And so, if we take a look at our example image down below, we're showing you the pun, it square of a mono hybrid cross. And again, the motto Hybrid crosses across of two mono hybrid organism. And so at the top, What we have is a mono hybrid organism. Ah, parent, that is hetero Xigaze for one gene the color gene, if you will, where it has one dominant alil or one capital Y, and one lower case of Leo or one lower case wide and it's game. It's air across the top here, and parent number two is exactly the same. Another mono hybrid and it's game meats are across the side. And when you fill out the pundits square for this mano hybrid cross, which you end up getting our ah ho Mosaic is dominant possibility in the top left a hetero zegas possibility and the top right, Another hetero zegas possibility And the bottom left and a homo zegas recess if possibility and the bottom Right. And so again, this is a mono hybrid cross a cross fertilization between two mono hybrid organisms or two organisms. That airhead arose, I guess, for one gene. And so this here concludes our brief introduction to mono hybrid crosses. And in our next video, we'll get to talk a little bit more about them, so I'll see you all there.