3 Size Classes of Carbohydrates

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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In this video, we're going to introduce three different size classes of carbohydrates that we have number down below, and the numbers here correspond with numbers that we have throughout our image. Now, which will notice is that for all three of these size classes, the words Sacha ride here is present, which recall from our last lesson. Video means sugar. And so Sacha Ride is present and all three of these size classes, which means sugar, and that's referring to carbo hydrates. And so, really, these three different size classes. They differ in the root word there prefix. And so the very first size class is going to be the mono sacha ride. Now recall that mono is a prefix that means just one or singular. And so mono sack rides are going to be a single carbo hydrate unit. Or, in other words, mono. Sacha rides are the monomers of carbo hydrates, and that is very, very important for you. All to note now an example of a mono sacha ride is glucose, which once again, is the most abundant mono sacha ride. And so it's one that you all should start to familiarize yourself with a little bit, okay? And so when we take a look at our image down below notice number one is the mono sacha, right? Which is just a single carbohydrate unit or just a single hexagon here, if you will. Now the second size class of carbohydrate is going to be the Allah go Sacha ride. And so Allah go is a prefix that means Ah phew. And so, Allah go Sacha ride when you put it together means a few sugar. So somewhere between two and 20 covertly linked mono sacha rides would be classified as Allah go Sacha rides. So when we take a look at our example down below at number two, the ahl ago Sacha rides we're showing you two types were showing you one here that has to sugar units linked together. So this would be more specifically a die sacha ride since dies a prefix meaning to And then here what we have is a try. Sacha ride since tries a prefix meaning three and there are three sugar units linked together. But once again, anywhere between 2 to 20 would be considered Allah go Sacha rides. And so these are some all ago sack rides here now, the third size class of carbohydrate that you all should be familiar with are the poly Sacha rides. And once again, Polly is a prefix that means many. And so these air going to have greater than 20 covertly linked mono Sacha rides together and Polly Sacha rides are, of course, going to be the polymer form of the carbohydrate. And so when we take a look at our image down below at the Poly sack rides here, notice that it has more than 20 covertly linked mono Sacha ride units together. And so we start to form the Poly sack. Right, Moving forward. We're going to talk about some specific examples of Polly Sacha rides and their functions. So keep that in mind. But for now, this year concludes our introduction to the three size classes of carbohydrates, mono Sacha rides, Allah go sack rides and Polly sack rats, and we'll be able to get some practice moving forward in our course. So I'll see you all in our next video