Find Current of One Resistor

by Patrick Ford
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Hey guys. So in this example, I want to show you how some of these problems are actually deceivingly simple. They look complicated, but they're very straightforward. This is an example of them. So in this question, instead of asking for everything we're being asked for just one thing, which is what is the current through the three own resistor? Which is this guy here? So that's all we need to know. Let's call the currents through the three ohm. What is it? OK, well, remember Thea Equation that connects all these variables is owns law, the equals ir. So you confined I As long as you have V and R if you saw for I, you get V over r. I know the resistance is three homes, So really, all I need is the voltage. Now you may also remember that's the voltage is the same in parallel. And it's not just the same between resistors. It's the same for any circuit. Um, any circuit elements. So the voltage across these two points is the same through that branch is the same as the voltage across these two points. And it's the same for this voltage, and it's the same for the voltage between these two resistors. So because the voltage through this batteries five, I can say that the voltage on the three OEMs has to be five as well because they're parallel. So that's it. This voltages Five volts. I can divide the two, and the answer is gonna be 1.671 point 67 amps and we're done Super straightforward. But you have to be able to recognize, um, certain properties. Okay, so some of these questions will be very long, Onda. Some of them are gonna be tricky and simple, so you gotta be ready for both. Let's keep going.