Light Reactions of Photosynthesis Example 1

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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all right. So here we have an example problem that wants us to fill in the two blanks that we have here in each of these sentences, using one of the four potential answer options down below. And so notice that the first sentence says the light reactions are powered by blank energy. And then the second sentence says, in normal photosynthesis, the products of the light reactions are used to power blank. And so what you can see is when we look at these four answer options Options A and B both mentioned photo respiration, which we have not yet talked about in our course yet. But we will talk about this later in our course in a different video. But for now, because we have not yet introduced photo respiration, we should have been able to identify both Option A and Option B as being incorrect answer options here. Now moving on. We have here Option C and D, and really, the difference is that Option C says sunlight and option D says potential for this first blank. And, uh, it's true that in normal photo sent, this is the products of the light. Reactions are used to power the Calvin Cycle. So this part here is going to be the same for the second blank. And really again, What we're looking for is which one of these answer options is gonna be best for the first blank. And, of course, we know that photosynthesis is going to be driven by solar energy or sunlight energy from sunlight. And so the correct answer here is going to be answer options, See? And so we could go ahead and indicate that. See, here is the correct answer for this problem, and that concludes this example. So I'll see you all in our next video.