Introduction to Transcription Factors

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our lesson on eukaryotic transcription control. And so you carry. It can also regulate their gene expression by utilizing DNA binding proteins. And these DNA binding proteins will bind to regulatory regions in a gene to help control transcription. Now these DNA binding proteins are actually called transcription factors and so down below. Here we're introducing transcription factors and so recall from our previous lesson videos. That transcription initiation in eukaryotes requires a complex of transcription factors bound to a promoter sequence. And so transcription factors, as their name implies, are going to be factors that are important for transcription. And more specifically, they're going to be proteins, proteins that are going to bind to specific DNA sequences and regulate transcription, initiation and help promote transcription. And so really, there are two main types of transcription factors and eukaryotes. There are general transcription factors, and then there are specific transcription factors and so down below in our image, we're giving you some brief information on general and specific transcription factors. But as we move forward in our course, we're going to talk even more details about general and specific transcription factors, and so notice here in this image, what we're showing you are is a DNA molecule in the background, which has two strands. One that goes five prime 23 prime, uh, from left to right and the other strand goes five Prime prime from right to left and notice that within the DNA there's going to be a promoter region, which is highlighted here in green. And then there's going to be the coding sequence of the gene. And so the general transcription factors are going to be binding to the promoter region, and they are required for transcription of all genes, which is why they are called general transcription factors because they are in general, required for the transcription of all jeans. Now, specific transcription factors, on the other hand, do not necessarily bind directly to the promoter. They combined to other regulatory regions around a gene, and so these specific transcription factors are not required for all jeans. Instead, they are going to be required for the transcription of a specific gene of specific genes, and so some jeans require specific transcription factors. But all genes require general transcription factors, and so, once again, as we move forward in our course, we're going to continue to talk more details about general and specific transcription factors. But for now, this year concludes our brief introduction to Eukaryotic transcription of control and transcription factors, and I'll see you all in our next video.