Genes & Alleles Example 1

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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Okay, everyone. Which of the following statements is true of species that has a chromosome number off to an equal 16? Okay, so first off, what do we know? What does too and stand for? Remember that to end means deployed two of each chromosome and the deployed number here is 16. So let's write that down to in equals 16. Now, what do we know about the half Lloyd cells while half Loida symbolized by simply an end? So to get in simply, divide 16 by two and you're going to get eight chromosomes. So a deployed cell of this species is gonna have 16 chromosomes and half Lloyd's cell of the species has eight chromosomes. So knowing that, let's look at her answers. Answer. Choice A. Says the species is deployed. Okay, Perfect. With 32 chromosomes, Purcell remember, the deployed number is 16. It's not 32 so that's not the answer. Answer. Choice be says each half Floyd cell of the species has chromosomes. Remember, that's not true either, because we just said down here that the half Lloyd number is eight. So that's not what we're looking for. Answer. Choice C says each deployed cell of this species has chromosomes from the father and 16 chromosomes from the mother. Well, if they're 16 from Mom and 16 from Dad in a single cell, that means there's 32 in total. And we know that can't be true because the deployed number 16, not 32. So that's not the answer we're looking for. Answer. Choice D says each deployed cell. This species has eight chromosomes from the father and eight chromosomes from the mother. Eight chromosomes from Mom, plus eight chromosomes from dad is 16 total chromosomes, which is the deployed number, which is a perfect answer. So for this mystery, species that happens toe have deployed cells with 16 chromosomes. Eight of those chromosomes air coming from Mom and eight of those chromosomes. Air coming from Dad. Okay, everyone, let's move on to our next video