Indirect Cell Signaling: Paracrine vs Endocrine

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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In this video, we're going to introduce indirect cell signaling and compare and contrast para cran versus endocrine hormones. And so indirect cell signaling, unlike direct cell signaling and, as its name implies, is going to be distant, signaling between cells that are not and direct contact with each other, and indirect cell signaling commonly uses hormones. Now hormones are really just defined as signaling molecules that are released by a seller gland and that can travel and affect distant cells in other areas. And so really, there are two types of hormones that we're going to mention here, and those are the para Quran hormones and the endocrine hormones. Now, peregrine hormones are hormones that travel very, very short distances, and Onley act on nearby cells in the vicinity of its synthesis. Whereas endocrine hormones are going to specifically be released into the bloodstream. And once endocrine hormones are released into the bloodstream, they can travel long distances to their target self and still allow for cell signaling. And so let's take a look at our image down below to get a better understanding of indirect cell signaling, and so notice that in our image we have this top half of the image, and we have this bottom half of the image and the top half of the image here, circled in yellow, is really the para Quran, showing peregrine hormones indirect signaling using Perricone hormones and again, peregrine hormones travel short distances. And so one thing to note is that the signaling cell here is not in direct contact with the target cell. Over here, there is a gap here in between them. And so, with peregrine hormones, the signaling molecules are only going to travel a short distance to get to the target cell and trigger. Ah, cell response now down below in the bottom half of the image. What we're showing you is in direct signaling using endocrine hormones. And so endocrine hormones again are gonna be secreted into the blood stream and ultimately travel long distances to the target self. So notice. Over here. On the left hand side, we have the signaling cells secrete ing endocrine hormones into the bloodstream here, and so once the endocrine hormones have been secreted into the blood stream, they can travel much, much further distances, so notice there's a larger distance here between the two cells as compared to peregrine hormones and these endocrine hormones, they they end up getting received by the target self for a cell response to be initiated. And so, ultimately this year concludes our introduction to indirect cell signaling and the difference between peregrine and endocrine hormones, and we'll be able to get some practice applying these concepts as we move forward in our course, so I'll see you all in our next video.