Synaptic Cell Signaling

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce synaptic cell signaling. And so synaptic cell signaling is when specific cells release nure oh transmitters across a synapse activating a target cell. Now, nure oh, transmitters can be defined as chemicals that are released by the end of a neuron or, in other words, a nerve cell in order to transmit a signal or convert the signal into a cell response. Now a synapse is defined as a small junction or region between the end of a nerve cell or the end of a nerve neuron and another cell. So let's take a look at our image down below to get a better understanding of synaptic cell signaling. So notice up above here, this is showing the very end of a neuron and recall the neuron is a nerve cell. And notice that at the very end of this neuron here, there are these little vesicles or um, membrane bubbles that contain nure oh transmitters. And so notice that these little purple circles that you see are the neuron transmitters. And these neurotransmitters can be released into this region here that we have, uh, colored and grain. And this region is the synapse. And so the synapses again the junction or the region between the very end of a neuron and another cell down here. And this is our target cell, which is at the bottom. And so the neuro transmitters are going to help transmit, uh, the signal or convert the signal into a cell response. And so notice that the neuro transmitter will bind to a receptor embedded in the target cells membrane. And that receptor ultimately is going to trigger, uh, signal transaction, a Siris of events that ultimately leads to the cell response. And so, ultimately here, synaptic cell signaling is going to be a form of pair Quran, signaling since it's going to be, uh, the neuro transmitter is going to travel short distances across the synapse. But ultimately, uh, synaptic cell signaling is gonna be a specific type of peregrine signaling between a neuron and some other target cell. And so this year concludes our introduction to synaptic cell signaling, and we'll be able to get some practice as we move forward in our course. So I'll see you all in our next video