Energy Coupling

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce energy couple ing. And so energy coupling is basically when energy released by an ex er gone IQ reaction is used to power or drive an undergone IQ reaction that requires an energy input. And so recall from our last lesson video that a teepee, hydrology sis, is a reaction that is an Xer gone IQ reaction. And so a teepee. Hydraulics, ISS releases energy into the environment, and so a teepee Hydraulics ISS is usually what's going to be coupled to Endor gone IQ reactions because the released energy from a teepee hydraulics ISS is used to provide the energy input that those undergone IQ reactions need to proceed. And so let's take a look at our image down below to get a better feel for energy coupling. And so notice on the left hand side. Over here, we're showing you this pizza, and that's because, ah, lot of the energy that we get is from the foods that we end up eating. And so when we eat pizza, the pizza is gonna have all different kinds of molecules in it. It's gonna have carbohydrates, it's gonna have proteins. It's gonna also have lipids and more. And so those molecules that Aaron the foods that we eat, they end up providing off energy for our bodies. And so our bodies are going to perform X organic reactions to essentially break down the foods. And so you can see that here we're showing you the reaction for X organic reactions. They start with large food molecules, and they break them down into smaller components. And ultimately, that is going to allow for converting the energy that's in food, uh, into chemical energy in the form of a teepee. And so this energy is gonna be used to make a teepee. And ultimately, once a teepee is made, uh, then it can. The cell can perform a teepee. Hydrology, sis. And so here in this box you can see the reactant that air needed for a teepee. Hydraulics is to occur. Of course, they're going to need a teepee for a teepee. Hydraulics is to occur, and also it's gonna need water. And so a teepee, hydraulics. ISS is going to be an ex organic reaction. And so when ATP is hydrolyzed, it is going to release a lot of energy as we can see here being released on. Also, it's going to end up creating a phosphate group as well as a D. P. But this energy that is released is really, really important. And this is really where the energy coupling comes into play because 80 p hydraulics ISS is an ex organic reaction, and that X organic reaction releases energy. And this energy is going to be used directly to provide the energy input that's needed for an ender gone IQ reaction. Uh, like what you see here using smaller molecules to build larger molecules and also, uh, using a teepee theme energy released by a teepee in order to create kinetic energy such as when you're riding your bicycle, the energy that's essentially being used is, uh, coming from a teepee. Hydraulics ISS. Now again, a teepee hydraulics. ISS is going to create a D. P and a phosphate group. And these air really the reactant that air needed for a teepee formation or ATP production. And so you can see that a teepee production theme energy that's going to be added into a D. P. Is gonna come directly from the energy and foods that we eat, and so ultimately here. What you can see is that with energy coupling, uh, the movements that we have the kinetic energy that we need to ride a bike is ultimately gonna be derived directly by a teepee, hydraulics, ISS and a teepee. Hydraulics. ISS has a teepee whose energy comes directly from the foods that we eat breaking down the foods that we eat. And so, really, it's the foods that we eat that ultimately can be traced to providing the energy for our movements and muscle contractions. And so, ultimately here, X organic reactions are used, uh, in order to power and organic reactions. And this is the idea of energy coupling. And so this year concludes our introduction to energy coupling, and we'll be able to get some practice applying these concepts as we move forward in our course. So I'll see you all in our next video.