by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce phosphor elation and so fast. Correlation is just referring to the transfer of a phosphate group from a teepee to another molecule in order to provide energy now phosphor elation by a teepee Hydraulics ISS can actually have a wide variety of effects, and so some of those effects include activating a target molecule so that it's capable of reacting as well as changing the confirmation of a target protein. And so notice down below. In the left hand image. We're showing you a glucose molecule here as the green hexagon and notice that this glucose molecule, as shown, is shown as the inactive form of glucose. So it's not able to react in this form, however, noticed that after ATP, hydraulics, ISS and phosphor relation of the glucose molecule where foster relation is just the transfer of a phosphate group from 80 p to another molecule, so noticed that, uh, dina seen try phosphate 80 p has three phosphates, a d. P. On Lee has to phosphate. So the third phosphate was transferred over to glucose as we see right here, and so notice that this form this fuss for related form of glucose is actually the active form of glucose, and this form of glucose would be able to go on to react. Now, phosphor relation does not always lead to activation of a target molecule. This is just an example of what foster relation can lead to remember. Phosphor relation leads to a wide variety of effects. In some scenarios, foster relation will lead to activation. But another scenarios. Fossil relation could lead to inactivation as well. But the idea here is that foster relation can have a wide variety of effects. Now, over here on the right hand side, we're focusing in on a protein. This red circle here represents a protein and notice that after eight p hydraulics, ISS and fossil relation of the protein, the protein takes on a completely different confirmation. It changes its shape, its structure and therefore likely its function as well. And so you can see the fuss for related protein here hasn't altered um, confirmation. And so this year concludes, our introduction to foster relation and how a teepee is usually going to be the source of the phosphate group in fossil relation and foster relation can lead to a wide variety of effects, including activating a target, uh, to react and changing the confirmation of a target protein. So this concludes our lesson, and I'll see you guys in our next video.