The Trp Operon

Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our lesson on the trip opera. And so trip to fan is an amino acid and recall that amino acids are the monomers, or the building blocks of proteins. And so trip to fan is an amino acid whose three letter code or three letter abbreviation is T R P or trip. And so trip to fan is an amino acid and trip to fan itself can either be absorbed by the cell from the surrounding environment or taken in from the surrounding environment. Or a trip to fame can be synthesized from scratch by the cell. Now the trip opera is a repressive ble opera, which, recall from our previous lesson videos, means that the trip opera is usually on or active, but it can be turned off, meaning that it can be repressed. And that's why it's called a repressive ble opera. And so the trip operas is a repressive ble opera and with five genes, and these five genes are all related to each other because they encode enzymes that are required for synthesizing trip to fan from scratch. And so the trip opera is responsible for, uh, encoding enzymes required for synthesizing trip to fan from scratch. Now, if we take a look at our image down below, notice that we're showing you an image of the trip operas, which has these five genes trip E, D, C, B and A. And, uh, these five genes are important for encoding enzymes for synthesizing, trip to fan from scratch. And so, of course, the trip opera has a trip operator where the regulatory protein will bind. And it also has a trip promoter as well. Where the RNA preliminaries will bind now, taking a look over on the left hand side notice that there is a trip regulatory gene, which is trip are, and so trip are is the regulatory gene that is going to encode the trip repressor protein and the trip repressor protein is going to be a repressor, and so that means that it will bind to the operator and inactivate transcription. It will repress transcription. However, the trip repressor protein is actually expressed in the inactive form, which means that when it is initially expressed, it is inactive and it will not bind to the operator. The inactive trip are repressor protein requires a co repressor an order for it to become active and bind to the operator to repress transcription. And so the co repressor for the inactive trip are is usually going to be trip to fan itself. And so when trip to Fan this co repressor is bound to the inactive trip, are it activates, Trip are and allows trip are to bind to the operator, and when it's bound to the operator, it can repress transcription. And so if we take a look at our image down below, we can get a better understanding of this here. And so the trip opera again contains five genes required for synthesizing trip to fan for trip to fancy synthesis, and it is regulated by the trip repressor. And so over here we have our trip regulatory gene, where you can see the trip repressor gene trip our gene, and it has its own promoter here, so it will be transcribed and translated into the repressor protein. However, when the trip are is expressed, its expressed in the inactive form and so notice we have the inactive trip Repressor and the inactive Trip repressor on its own, it cannot bind to the operator first, the inactive trip. Repressor needs to be bound by a co repressor, and the co repressor is usually trip to fan itself. So trip to fan can bind to the inactive trip repressor to form an active trip Repressor and the active trip repressor with trip to fan bound can bind to the operator and repress and block transcription of the trip opera jeans. And so, basically, what we're seeing here is that, uh, the trip opera, uh, is going to be, uh, repressed in the presence of trip to fan. When trip to Fan is available and present, it can serve as a co repressor to activate the trip repressor, and that will block transcription. And so this year concludes our brief introduction to the trip operas. But as we move forward in our course, we're going to take a closer look at the trip opera in the presence and in the absence of trip to fan itself. And so I'll see you all in our next video