Inflammatory Response

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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The inflammatory response is a special type of innate immune response that will result in swelling of region. So if, for example, you fall and scrape your knee, let's say following that injury, platelets are going to form clots to seal off that site and prevent blood loss, and also hopefully, prevent any nasty stuff from getting into the wound. Now those wounded tissues and the macrophages around them are going to release chemical lines, which are basically like a special type of site of kind that recruit cells to the infection site. Now mast cells, which are a special type of immune cell there type of granule site. Their main job, or one of their main jobs, is to release histamine, and this is a chemical signal that's going thio constrict blood vessels in the area. And that's going to not only reduce blood flow to the area but also prevent blood loss from the area and part of uh, part of mass. ALS. Job is also to signal the peripheral blood vessels to the infection site, so you know the local blood vessels are gonna constrict. The blood vessels in the area around that are actually going to dilate, and that combination of dilation and the chemo kinds that air being secreted is a major signal to neutrophils to, like mobilize, get there right away and go to that infection site and deal with any pathogens there. Macrophages will also actually be recruited to the infection site and really cited kinds to recruit MAWR immune cells. So hopefully you can see that immune responses are sort of like escalations. You know, there's an initial signal of, like help bunch of immune cells move in and you know, they kind of shout, help and mawr guys come in and the the signals and the response grows and grows. It's an escalation to recruit more and more cells to that area to deal with any pathogens or any infection. And here I'm trying to you sort of cheap and use the same figure. But pretend that this time you know these are histamines and also cited kinds and stuff. I don't have a great image. Unfortunately, Thio illustrate the inflammatory response, but it's a very similar process and and this is really a theme you'll see throughout the immune system is cells secrete ing a signal to recruit other cells to that area to mount some type of immune defense. So that's all I have for this video. I'll see you guys next time, stay healthy.