Central and Peripheral Nervous System

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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neurons and glia are what are going to make up with central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. Now the responsibility of the central nervous system is to receive information from the body and integrate it to coordinate various responses. For example, if you see a ball flying at your face, probably want to duck or jump out of the way. Right. So that is going to be sensory information taken in that your brain processes and then coordinates a response and shoots it out to your peripheral nervous system to actually act out that movement. So the brain is really like the, you know, the control center for all of this, and the spinal cord is basically just a bundle of neurons and Goliath that will extend down from the brain. And, uh, you know, essentially branch out into all of these different nerves of the peripheral nervous system. Now the peripheral nervous system sends signals to and from the brain and spinal cord, and it is going to contain thes little clusters of cell bodies that you'll see in the central nervous system is well, but they have a different name, so we call them ganglion or ganglia. Ganglion is the singular ganglia. Would be, um you know, plural, multiple, gangly ins. Uh, and this is just a cluster of neuron cell bodies. And basically, what we'll see is the nerves will be, uh, you know, made up of bundles of Exxon's, and often the neuron cell bodies will all be kind of clustered together in one place. Now, thes bundles of axons will actually be broken down into sort of two categories. We can have sensory neurons, and these were gonna be nerves that transmit sensory information. Uh, you know, ultimately to the brain and the spinal cord. So they're gonna bring in information from our sensory systems and bring it to the brain. Motor neurons are going to project from the spine out to effect organs like muscles and glands. So these air gonna be the guys that actually sends signals to do things like duck. When you see that ball coming towards your face Now, you'll also see what are called inter neurons. And these air, basically just neurons that transmit information between other neurons so they'll connect, sometimes connect sensory and motor neurons. However, sometimes sensory and motor neurons will directly connected to each other, and we'll see an example of that. What's important to note, though, is the Interneuron Zehr actually going to be the main type of neuron in the brain. Now, with that, let's go ahead and flip the page.