by Jason Amores Sumpter
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neurons are the signaling cells of the nervous system, and they'll actually transmit electrical signals, which they'll then translate into chemical signals to release to other neurons. Now, when neurons receive chemical signals, they'll actually translate these into electrical signals. So neuron zehr going to use a combination of electrical and chemical signaling now neurons actually do have decent variety of morphology is that is to say, they don't all look the same. However, there are certain features that they'll share, and we'll go over those now. So my point is, not every neuron is going toe look like this one right here, however, neurons will have a cell body, and that cell body is going to contain the nucleus, which you can see right here. Projecting from the cell body is what's known as the ax on, and the axon will be connected to the cell body by a region called the Axon Hillock. Basically, this right here, this little area that's gonna connect the cell body and the ax on now the acts on acts as the wire. So it's going to transmit the electrical signal to its tip known as the terminal. Now the terminal of an ax on is going to connect to the dendrites of another neuron. And those dendrites are these basically branch projections almost like branches on a tree. And they're going to receive signals not just from one neuron, but from a bunch of other neurons. And when two neurons connect, like at the terminal of the ax on and the dendrites, what we have is known as a synapse, and this is a connection between the acts on terminal and the dendrites. And that is where theological signal is going to be converted into a chemical signal that chemical signal being nure Otranto emitters and those will be released across the synapse to bind to receptors on the dendrites of another neuron. We'll get into the specifics of this in just a little bits. Don't worry. So you're going to see networks of neurons connected to each other like you see here. Except here. We only see two cells. In actuality, there's going to be many, many cells, all connecting to each other and projecting too far away parts of the body quite frequently. So with that, let's actually go ahead and turn the page