Seed Plants - 2

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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give no sperms produced naked seeds. Basically, that just means that they're not enclosed by an ovary like angiosperms. The speranza of game No sperms are usually packed into cones and as we were talking about earlier, generally most plants will have the male and female spring, and you write the male cone and the female cone on the same plant. We call these money cious plants. Some plants, however, are diocese, and you'll actually find the male and female sprang JIA on different plants. So those male and female cones will be found on different plants. They won't be found on the same individual. A Conifers are probably the given of sperms. You're most familiar with these pine trees, and they're basically the group of given of sperms that have those distinctive needle like leaves. Write what you know we think of is just pine needles. I mean, there's many different types, but that's ah feature that defines the Conifers, and also there sprang JIA are contained in those cones which are technically called Strobel. I now the cones air actually modified leaves right there, Spore fell, and the pine needles represent a new evolutionary modification of the leaf that has a very thick cuticle. And this helps thes plants prevent water loss because, um, you know, Conifers e mean, they're Conifers all over the place, but they can live in areas that have, um, you know, restricted access toe water. So these pine needles allowed, and especially in the wintertime, they live in cold places where it could be very hard for the roots to obtain water due to frost and freezing temperatures. So these pine needles are evolutionary trait that allows them to really prevent water loss very effectively. Now, let's take a look at the life cycle of a game. No sperm. When the pollen grain reaches the AV, you'll it's actually gonna germinate and form what's called a pollen tube that digests its way through the mega sphere. Angie, um, so here we have our pollen grain, it's gonna get to our Uh huh. It's gonna get to the fuel. And then here you can see the pollen tube digesting its way through the av you'll to the mega so brandy. And now the mega sports site is going to undergo bios icis and produce four half Lloyd sells, one of which will become the mega spore and the mega spore will actually develop into a female comedian fight containing multiple eggs. When the pollen tube reaches the exits going to eject sperm that will fertilize the egg and then the a visual will become a seed. And after fertilization, of course, we're gonna have formation of the embryo. And that is our a little seed right here. It's resting on one of the scales of the cone. So if you look at a pine cone, it has all these little scales thes little. They're like little diamond shaped things in the figure, but their little cone scales. Well, if you were to peel that back and look at it, that's where the seed develops, right? That's where your seat is gonna be Now. The seed, of course, will, um, get carried away and sprout into a spore fight. And that is what grows into, you know, the's big, hulking trees that, of course, will develop their male and female cones and repeat the cycle over again. Don't worry too much about memorizing all the aspects of life cycle GMO sperms. We're gonna cover that much more detail when we take a deeper look at plants. This is just a meant to be sort of a broad strokes overview. Alright, with that, let's flip the page and talk about angiosperms.