Repressible Operons

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce repress herbal operas, and so a repressive ble opera is actually an opera and that is normally turned on. And so normally it's jeans are going to be expressed. However, it is a repressive ble opera because even though it is normally turned on, it can be turned off. Or it can be repressed under the right conditions, which includes having an active repressor protein. And so it's important to note here is that the inactive repressor protein cannot repress transcription without a co repressor molecule. And so the co repressor is a small molecule itself that will bind to the repressor, forming an active repressor protein. And so the repressor protein bound to the co repressor is what forms the active repressor protein. And so, in other words, the co repressor protein or molecule, is going to activate the repressor protein, so that transcription is turned off when there is an active repressor protein. So let's take a look at this image down below to get a better understanding of a repressive ble opera and so a repressive rule opera and falls right in line with negative gene regulation because what happens is, the gene can be turned off, and so, with repress herbal opera under normal conditions, they are normally turned on. And so what you, which will note, uh, here is that when it is normally turned on the RNA, polymerase is capable of binding and transcribing forming an M R N A. And then the M RNA will be translated into the gene products. And so when the gene is turned on, the genes are being expressed, and the reason that the genes are turned on here is because the repressor is in an inactive form. We have an inactive repressor protein here that cannot bind to the operator. And that's because this repressor protein here requires a co repressor in order to bind and so notice that under specific conditions, if there is a co repressor molecule which is represented by this little red molecule, the Little Red Co repressor combined to the inactive repressor to form an active repressor molecule. And so the active repressor is capable of binding to the operator to block or inhibit or prevent transcription, turning off the gene and turning off the operations. And so repressed herbal operations are normally turned on but can be turned off under the right conditions, which includes having a co repressor molecule present. And so notice that here we have the little image of the switch, the light switch being turned off. Because that is what repress herbal operations are capable of doing. They're capable of being turned off. And so this here concludes our brief introduction to repress herbal operations, and we'll be able to get some practice applying these concepts as we move forward. So I'll see you all in our next video.