by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce yet another type of lipid called the Foss photo lipid. And so phosphor Oh, lipids, as their name implies, are lipids themselves. In fact, they are a large class of lipids and also, as their name implies, with the phosphor. Oh, here These are a large class of lipids that contain a phosphate group, which recall is one of the functional groups that you all should be familiar with. And so fossil lipids are actually a major component off all cell membranes, and we'll be able to see this down below in our image. Now, later, in our course, we'll talk more details about cell membranes. But in this video we're focusing specifically on phosphor lipids. Now, fossil lipids are what we call an MFI path IQ molecules and an type. A thick recall is just a fancy word. That means that it contains both hydro filic or water loving and hydrophobic, or water fearing groups. And so foster lipids are anti patrick molecules with a hydro filic head and a hydro phobic tail hydrophobic tails, I should say, And so if we take a look at our image down below at thes fossil lipids. Notice that on the far left we're showing you a cell and we're zooming and specifically to the cells membrane, which is, uh, this little area that's right here. And when we zoom into the cells membrane, what we'll see is that the vast majority of the membrane is made up of these little structures. These little units that we see here that we call Foss follow lipids. And so if we zoom into just one of these units on, blow it up, it would look like what we see right here. And so it noticed that it really has to regions. It has this head region that's up here. And then it has the two tales that extend down below. And so the head region is a hydro filic region. Ah, hydro filic head. So this is the head, and that means that it is water loving and interacts with water. Whereas the two tales that we see down below thes are hydro phobic tales, meaning that they are water fearing. And so these tales that we see here are trying to get away from water. And so because we have a single molecule here with both hydro Filic groups and hydrophobic groups. That is why we call this an anti path IQ molecule. Now, if we were to zoom into the structure of the fossil lipid, even Mawr, we could see the details of its chemical structure which we see over here, and so notice that it does contain fatty acids, which are these yellow regions here. It also will have glycerol molecule on. Then it will also have a phosphate molecule at the top. And so this phosphate functional group is why we call them phosphor. Oh, lipids. And so really, this here concludes our introduction to foster photo lipids. And we'll be able to talk Maura about foster lipids later in our course when we're talking about cell membranes. But for now, this here concludes our introduction to fossil lipids and we'll be able to get some practice as we move forward in our course. So I'll see you all in our next video