Flower Anatomy

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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the reproductive structures of flowers can be broken down into stamen and carpools stamen you can think of as the male reproductive parts and carpools you can think of as thief female reproductive parts. Thes stamen is going to be the structure that produces pollen, and it is made up of two portions what we call the filament, which is going to be this stalk like appendage here. So that is a filament. You can also see it pictured here and then We also have the answer, and the answer is what contains the micro spare Angie um, which will produce micro spores. And we'll talk about the fate of micro spores in a little bit moving on. We have the carpal, the female reproductive structure, which is this whole thing right here. That is a kharpal, and it's also made up of some components the stigma which you can see here. That's the tip of the carpool. So if I were to draw this structure out a little bit, the stigma would be the tip there. Oops. And that's going to be where the pollen lands where the pollen is received during the reproductive process. Again, talk more about that a little bit. The style is basically the pathway that leads from the stigma into the ovary, and you can see it pictured here. It's me. Choose a different color and make it more clear. It's going to be like this portion and then this bottom portion of the carpal is the ovary, and the ovary contains what are called AV equals. These are going to be things that receive sperm from the male portions of flowers gets all that later. Now flowers will also have a structure known as uh, the neck tary the neck. Torri is going to be the gland that secretes nectar, which is a super sugary solution. And that's what some pollinators air going to feed on and this nectar you can actually be located inside the flower or outside the flower. Um, it doesn't really matter for your understanding the difference between all that. Just know that it could be inside the flower. Sometimes it's outside the flower. Now moving on to those a view ALS the AV. You'll is the structure that contains theme mega sport, and it's what's going to develop into a seed after fertilization happens. So this AV you'll right here is, uh oops. Sorry. This AV You'll right here is going to have some structures you should be aware of. We have the Integra mint, which is this outer protective layer. And then the micro pile, which is the opening, uh, the apex of the Integra Mint, which is going thio. Allow the sperm to enter in and fertilize this structure. Let's turn the page.