Phases of Mitosis

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce the phases of my toe. Sis and SOE recall from our previous lesson videos that my toe sis is an a sexual process because it only involves one single parent cell. And so my toes is is the a sexual process that's defined as the division of the nucleus. So it's going to divide the nucleus and the genetic material of the cell, and that sells specifically going to be a somatic cell or ah, body cell, which is a cell that is not passed down from generation to generation, and it stays within the same multi cellular organism. Now, my toe sis is going to start with one single deployed cell that has two copies of every chromosome, and it's going to end with two genetically identical deployed cells. So not only does it start with a deployed cell, but it also ends with deployed cells and these two cells that are deployed they are genetically identical to each other, and again, this is what makes my toasts and a sexual process. Now this line right here that's highlighted in Green is going to be a very key line toe. Understand my toe, sis. And to distinguish might assis from my oh, sis, when we cover my Asus later on in our course. So, uh, this is a line that you really want to make sure that you have, uh, committed to your memory. Now my toes is turns out that actually consists of five different phases that we have number down below. And so this image that you see down below right here represents my toe sis, and within my toast is there are five phases. The first is pro phase. Then there's pro meta phase meta phase and a phase and tell a phase. And so notice that might assist ends with a single cell. So notice that the cell is still technically connected. But this single cell has two nuclei. So, really, it's just division of the nucleus. You start with one nucleus, and it ends with two nuclei. And really, that is what mitosis is defined as it's defined as the division of the nucleus and the genetic material in a somatic body cell. And so, my toe sis, the division of the nucleus, is going to be followed up by another process called psychokinesis, which we'll talk about later in our course, which is gonna be division of the Cytoplasm, and it will end up separating the the cell here in half so that each daughter cell ends up having their own nucleus. And so, as we move forward in our course, we're going to talk about each of these individual stages of my toe sis and the most important events that take place during each of these phases. And so this year concludes our introduction to the phases of my toasts. And again we'll get to talk Maura about each of these phases as we move forward. So I'll see you all in our next video.