by Jason Amores Sumpter
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so the very first phase of mitosis is pro phase, and during pro phase, they're going to be very specific events that occur. And one of those events is that the loosely coiled chroma tint that exists during interphase is going to condense to form very distinct chromosomes. And these chromosomes are going to have sister chromatic IDs that air linked at the Centrum ear position and recall the central Mir is not to be confused with the central zone. The Central mirror is going to be the waste position of the chromosomes, where the Sister Crowe motives are linked together and the central zone is going to be the formation, the structure that forms the my tonic spindle. Now, in addition to the DNA changing its confirmation from chroma tin, two distinct chromosomes. Uh, the nuclear Olis, which is recall from our previous lesson videos the location of rivals own synthesis and recall the nuclear. Is this structure within the nucleus itself? Um, it's actually going to disappear from the nucleus and so really ride. His own synthesis is going to stop. It's going to come to a halt, then the third and final event that's going to take place is the two central zones again. Centrism not to be confused with Central Mirror. The central zones which are going to form the mighty Dick spindle, are going to migrate to opposite poles. They're going to migrate to opposite poles within the cell, and they're going to begin forming the might. Ah, tick spindle and the my tonic spindle Recall our thes micro tubules proteins that are responsible for moving the DNA around during my toe, sis. And so the metallic spindle is beginning to form during pro fees. And so notice down below, in our image, we're showing you all of the phases of my toes is here pro fes, pro meta phase meta phase and phase and tell a phase. And so here we're focusing specifically on pro fes and noticed that, uh, pro phases, uh, cells that are just exiting the G two phase of interphase are going to be entering into the very first phase of my toasts, which is pro phase. And during pro phase. We have the very specific events that occur here in the middle. So what's going to happen is the loosely coiled crow Metin condenses to form distinct chromosomes essentially distinct chromosomes air going to form. That's the first event. Also, the nuclear Olis is going to disappear. The new CLee old us is going to disappear. And so notice that the nuclear Olis is this blue. This structure that you see here within the nucleus notice that it is no longer found over here during pro fates because it disappears and also noticed that the my tonic spindle is going to form when these two Sentras OEMs they move to opposite poles of the cell. So notice there's one central zone here. The other central zone is here and there, uh, essentially forming the MIT Todd ICS spindle and again the central zones. What you see here and here are not to be confused with the Centrum ears, which recalled The central mirrors are the waste positions here of the chromosomes where the two Sister Crowe motives are formed. And so really, this concludes the events of pro phase here and after pro fes recall is pro meta phase. So we'll talk about pro meta phase in the specific events that occurred there in our next video. So I'll see you all there