by Jason Amores Sumpter
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Yeah. And so the third phase of my toast, this is metaphysics. A's and meta phase is pretty easy to remember because you can think that the M and meta phase is for the M in the word metal. And so, during meta phase, the my topic spindles air going to align the chromosomes in the middle of the cell in a single file road. And so the equator or the middle of the cell is referred to as the meta phase plate. And so if we take a look at our image down below, of course, we're showing you the phases of my toes is And we've already covered pro fes and pro meta phase in our previous lesson videos. And so here in this video, we're focusing specifically on meta phase, which you can see the image of meta phases over here on the right and the events that occurred during meta phase air here in the middle. And so, of course, when you're thinking about meta phase, you want to think about how this M here is going to remind you of the M and the word metal. And so the chromosomes are going to a line in the middle of the cell on the meta phase plate. And so notice that the chromosomes here are lining up in a single file row right here in the middle of the cell. Now, the fact that the chromosomes are aligning in a single row is actually going to be very important here because later, in our course, when we're talking about my oh, sis, we'll see that in some scenarios of my oh, sis, the chromosomes are not going to align in a single foul row, and instead they're going to align in two rows on DSO. The fact that during my toast is aligns in a single road is going to be important to keep in mind. Now this here concludes our introduction to metaphysics. And of course, after meta phase is the fourth phase and a phase. So we'll talk about that in our next video