by Jason Amores Sumpter
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And so the fourth phase of mitosis is Anna phase and Anna phases also kind of easy to remember because you can think that the A in an A phase is for the A in the word apart. And so, during an a phase, the sister Chromatis, they're going to get pulled apart towards opposite ends of the cell, essentially starting to separate the DNA so that each daughter cell can get their own copy of the DNA. So during an a phase, some parts of the my Tadic spindle are going to shorten in orderto pull chromatic IDs apart from each other. But in other scenarios, uh, the my Tadic spindle will lengthen. And when the my Tadic spindle lengthens, that's actually going to stretch the cell, allowing the cell to start Thio divide. And so if we take a look at our image down below again, we're showing you all of the phases of my toasts. And already in our previous lesson videos, we've covered pro fes, pro meta phase and meta phase as well. And so here in this video we're focusing on the fourth phase and phase, which the image for Anna phases over here on the far right and the events of Anna phase air here in the middle. And so, of course, when you're thinking about Anna phase, you think about how the A and an A phase represents the A and the word apart. And so the Sister Crowe motives are going to get pulled apart from one another. And so notice here that in meta phase, the chromosomes, which are replicated chromosomes, are aligned here in the middle on the meta phase plate. And during Anna phase noticed that the sister Chromatic kids are getting pulled apart from one another. And so, essentially, you can see that these, uh, this sister cremated is getting pulled in this direction. This sister chromatic is getting pulled into this direction. Uh, this one here is getting pulled in this direction, and this one here is getting pulled in this direction over here. And so the sister chromatic, they're getting pulled apart from one another. But notice that other, uh, parts of the my topic spindle are actually lengthening. And so these parts that air lengthening, getting longer, they're actually pull pushing the cell and stretching the sell out. And so that is going to Ah essentially facilitate the division of the cell as well. And so this year concludes our introduction to Anna phase and how the sister Chromatic get pulled apart and and our final phase of my toes is we'll talk about tell a phase in our next video, so I'll see you all there.