by Jason Amores Sumpter
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some organisms use their appearance as a defense. A prismatic coloration is warning coloration, usually in the form of bright colors that signal chemical defenses. So as we can see with this poisonous frog here it is, brightly colored that bright, bright red is just gonna pop. And it's there to signal to predators that hey, I'm poisonous, E. I mean, you can see me if you want to even go for it. But not gonna be happy now. Cryptic coloration is the opposite. Instead of drawing attention to yourself, you're trying to camouflage, and this is gonna make pray hard to see Now, believe it or not, there is lizard on this tree right here. It is super well camouflaged. So I'm just gonna go ahead and trace its outline so you can see, Hopefully you can kind of get the idea. But yeah, there is a lizard hiding there. It is just incredibly well disguised. Now, speaking of disguises, Mimic Re is a really interesting evolved defense, and basically it's when one organism evolves to resemble another in some way. And this could be an appearance in smell in sound and even in behavior. And we look at two examples of mimicry here. The first is basing and mimic re, which is mimic re when a species sort of tries thio imitate the warning signs off some other harmful species. So classic example is this. We have the coral snake up top, which is poisonous, and this mimic the king snake right here, which is non poisonous. And the King snake is using Basin mimic re to fool other organisms into thinking it's a coral snake and therefore poisonous and therefore stay away. Now, malaria in Mimic Re is when two distinct species mimic each other's warning signs. So in this case, we have two types of butterflies. We have a monarch up here and what's called a vice Roy Butterfly. They look very, very similar, and they actually both have the defense mechanism of being really bad tasting. They're very unpalatable now. Why would these two species mimic each other's warning signs? Well, it actually puzzled people for a long time, and then, um, basically, someone created this mathematical model to show that bye, both species mimicking each other. They actually increase their chances of survival because it's almost like this. If you're a predator and you learn that. You know, uh, this one particular bug tastes bad. And there's another bug that looks just like it. You're not really going to tell the difference between them. So it's actually increases the fitness of both organisms to sort of have this convergence in appearance. Uh, very, very strange, interesting stuff. Now with that, let's go ahead and flip the page.