by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our introduction to psychokinesis and so recall from our previous lesson videos that the M phase of the cell cycle consists of both mitosis and psychokinesis. Now, already, in our previous lesson videos, we've covered the five phases of mitosis and recall that mitosis ends up dividing the nucleus. And at the end of my toes, issue still technically have a single cell with two nuclei, and so this means that might Asus needs to be followed up by another process called cytokine. Icis and psychokinesis is technically the process that's going to produce two identical daughter cells separating the two nuclei. And so psychokinesis can be defined as the division of the cytoplasm, essentially separating the cells separating one cell into two cells. And so it turns out that animal and plant cell psychokinesis actually differ, and their mechanism and so moving forward we're going to talk about animal psychokinesis on and plant psychokinesis in their own separate videos. So I'll see you all in our next video to talk about animal cell psychokinesis