Endomembrane System: Protein Secretion

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our introduction to the Endo Membrane System and toe one of the major functions of the Indo membrane system, which is protein secretion. And so the endo membrane system can be defined as a group of membrane bound organelles that are inside of a eukaryotic cell. And so the root endo and endo membrane system means inside and so you can see that we're talking about membranes that were found on the inside of the South, and the system here is really just referring to the fact that it's made up of a group of organelles. And all of these organelles are membrane bound meeting that their boundaries are made up of membranes. Now the endo membrane system includes many different organelles that we're going to mention down below. In this table. However, all of these organelles that air part of the endo membrane systems are interconnected to each other by these structures that air called vesicles and so vesicles is just a fancy name for these tiny little membrane bubbles that can carry materials on the inside. And so all of these organelles that are part of the end of membrane system they are interconnected by these vesicles, and we'll get to see examples of vesicles as we move forward. In our course now, the end of monitoring system has ah lot of different functions. It has multiple functions and we're not going to talk about. All of the different functions were mainly going to focus on two of its functions, and those include protein secretion as well as cellular digestion. And so notice that down below. In our example here we have a table that shows the organelles of the endo membrane system and notice that behind them we have this green color coding that links, uh, the organelles that we're gonna talk about in our course moving forward that are involved with protein secretion. And then I noticed that in yellow we have the organize that are involved with cellular digestion, that we're gonna talk about moving forward in our course, and then over here with this white background, we have the cell membrane, which we're not going to focus on in this particular portion of our lesson. We'll talk Maura about cell membranes later in a different lesson, However, what you'll see is that all of these numbers that you see here are showing you organelles that are part of the end of membrane system, and we have them grouped based on their functions, whether they're involved with protein secretion or cellular digestion. So moving forward in our course, we're gonna focus mainly on the organelles that are involved with protein secretion, which include the nuclear envelope or the nucleus of the eukaryotic self. The end of plasmid ridiculous, um, of the eukaryotic self, the Golgi apparatus, as well as transport vesicles, which we mentioned again are these little membrane bubbles. And then later in our course, we'll get to talk more about the organizer of the remembering system that are involved in cellular digestion, which include the license soames and paroxysms as well as vac. You'll, uh, such a central vacuole is and things like that. And so this here really just eyes outlining Theo organelles of the end of membrane system and grouping them by their functions. And we'll get to talk Maura about each of these organelles that are on here as we move forward in our course. So that being said, I'll see you all in our next video