Body Axes

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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previously had mentioned the axes of the body during development, and I tried to simplify it by just calling it the head and the butt end. Right? Keep it simple. Side a side turns out, of course, because this is science. There are much more complicated names associated with these body axes. So let's go through a little terminology right now to get our axes straight. So first we have the what's called the anterior posterior access and you can actually see this in our image indicated by this green plain. So here we have our anterior post cheerier access. He anterior end is up here toward the head and the posterior and is down here mhm with that came out ugly. Sorry, guys. Host. Eerie or all right, good enough. Now we also need to be aware of the dorsal ventral axis which is actually represented by this blue plane here, dorsal ven troll access. So the ventral side is toward the belly. So here we have our ventral side and our door soul side. It's toward the back. So think like a dorsal fin on a dolphin. And I'm sorry this is the world's ugliest dolphin ever. But you got the idea, right? All right, so those are two of the major and important body axes to be aware of. So when someone says dorsal or Dorsey Lee, whatever they're talking about something towards the back, ventral toward the belly, Anterior toward the head posterior toward your bum. All right. Now, complex body plans like the human body don't form overnight, right? Rome wasn't built in a day. Development doesn't happen overnight for humans. Takes more like nine months, right? We all know this. So how does that happen? Well, it happens in stages. You see these chemical signals come and go, and they fine tune development. So we start with broad strokes, right? Setting up the major axes. And then we refine that little bit mawr with Gap jeans and then with pair rule genes, we get a little more fine tuned, and then segment polarity genes even a little more fine tuned. And finally, we have the hawks jeans, which we'll talk about in the next page. And if they lead thio, affect your genes. So basically, this process of body formation happens in multiple stages over a long course time. So let's turn the page and talk a little bit more about hocks jeans because those are going to be very important