Glomerulus and Bowman's Capsule

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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all of the fluid that's delivered to the Nef Ron comes from blood vessels, which is why there are so many blood vessels that proliferate the kidneys. Now, specifically, the nef Ron is going to have what are called these para tubular cap Hillary's that will surround them and specifically surround the portions known as a proximal and distal tubules. Now the portion of these para tubular cap Hillary's that surrounds what's called the loop of Henle E is known as the Vasari CTA. And here in our image of the Net, from jump out of the way, you can see our Voss erect a Hear those red tubes surrounding, uh, the loop of the Nef Ron or loop of Henley, this yellow U shaped structure here and then up here we have our para tubular cab blueberries that are surrounding the proximal and over here, the distal to Buell's point being that the kidneys job is to filter thief fluid in the blood, and so there's gotta be a lot of blood that makes it to the kidneys in order for it to be able to filter that. That's why there's so many blood vessels in the kidneys and surrounding the net. Franz, now the beginning of the net front because it really is easiest to think about these as like a linear path, even though they're actually just tubes. That air kind of all wound up around each other. We're going to think of it as a linear path, and the beginning is the renal corpus school, which you can see right here. This is our renal corpus cule. It's made of two components. The Gla Marylise, which is it's a great glum, this ball of capital Aries here. That's our gloomy realists, and that's going to provide the blood to be filtered. You can also see the gloomy realists right here, but I don't think it does it justice, because really, it's it's a ton of capital. Harry's in there now, surrounding the glam aerialists is Bowman's capsule. This structure that you see here that is Bowman's capsule and its job is to collect the fill trait as it flows out of the blood. So the fill trait is going to go from the GLA Marylise into Bowman's capsule, and filtration occurs, Um, you know, due to the blood pressure, actually, that will drive fluid into Bowman's capsule. It's It's literally the pressure from the heart that drives this process, and the renal corpus school is gonna kind of act like a sieve, you know, like a or like you could think of it as like a strainer for pasta or something. It's going toe filter stuff based on size, so big molecules or cells will not be allowed through Onley, small salutes and water. In fact, if you see big molecules or cells that can indicate damage to the renal corpus cule, and that's bad news now, because so much stuff makes it through this sieve. This filter a lot has to be reabsorbed, right? A ton of fluid is lost to the fill trade initially, but about 99% of the fill trait is going to be re absorbed before it's excreted. So it's you know it's going to minimize water loss, but it's also going to allow for selective re absorption. That's why the kidneys act really as a filter system for the body, because they, you know, they push a ton of fluid through these tubes and then Onley reabsorb the good stuff that they need. So with that, let's flip the page