Filtration, Reabsorption, and Excretion

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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we're gonna break down. What happens in the nef run into four categories. First is filtration, and that's when water and small salutes will cross the epithelial membrane and form fill trait. This is gonna happen in a structure called the renal corpuscles, which is made of these two parts you see here the GLA Marylise or glue Meriel or capital Aries and Bowman's capsule. Basically, uh, the fluid in the blood is going to cross over from the GLA Marylise into Bowman's capsule and be filtered and form fill trait. When the liquid enters Bowman's capsule. It is then considered Phil trade, which is just a solution of water and small salutes like salts, sugars and amino acids, as well as nitrogenous waste. What you don't want to find infiltrate is big stuff, like proteins or even cells. That means that there is some damage in your kidneys, and that's really bad news. You know, you gotta get that taken care of right away. Point here, though, is that Phil Trait formation is not very selective. Lots of water and salutes will make it through into the fill trade, but that brings us to re absorption, which is the most important thing, then Ephron is doing basically valuable salutes like glucose and vitamins will get actively re absorbed from the fill trade into the blood. In addition, salts will be re absorbed and water will move passively by us. Moses to follow those salutes that air actively maintained. Now re absorption is highly selective and tightly regulated. So Phil Trait formation is not selective. Everything is going to get dumped into the fill trait. But Onley important and good stuff for the body will get re absorbed back from the fill traits. So you see how this is a mechanism for cleaning the fluids of the body as well, because you just push them all out into this contained area and then you selectively re absorb the stuff you want so you can get rid of like toxic things this way. Like for example, nitrogenous wastes. Now you'll also have secretion, see some wastes and salutes will actually be actively added back into the fill trait from the blood. So in a similar manner, thio the specificity of re absorption secretion allows the body to specifically rid itself of certain things which can not only get rid of toxins but also help the body maintain proper osmotic balance. So end of the day you're gonna excrete this Phil trait after everything has been re absorbed and various things have been secreted into it, you're gonna excrete it. You could see these guys right here doing a pee pee dance because they have to excrete it. Basically, at the end of the day, excretion is going to equal what you get from filtration. Plus what you get from secretion minus what is re absorbed. So through the what's actually excreted at the end of the day is going Thio, you know, be only a small amount of what goes through filtration because a lot of that is going to be re absorbed. And here you can see how those different, uh, components are broken down throughout the Ephron. This is a very simplified version of the Nef Ron, and with that, let's actually go ahead and flip the page