Ecological Succession

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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ecological succession is a natural process that changes the species structure of a community over time. Eventually, it'll lead to a steady state known as a climax community. Now you could think of the steady state almost Aziz, the community that succession was building towards. Now succession can come due to natural processes or unnatural ones. You can see here the remains of forest after a fire, and after some succession, that area will start looking like this. As you know, the species structure changes, and, for example, we get this ground cover back now. Primary succession is a type of succession that occurs when new substrate is formed or exposed, so that usually this will happen when glaciers retreat and exposed rocky earth underneath or volcanoes erupt, making a fresh lava flow that will harden. This could also be achieved by floods and landslides. Landslides. Now primary succession is going to occur when this new substrate is exposed. It's devoid of life, and then life and organisms colonize it. So it's going to start out like Rocky. Nothing. And you're going to need stuff like I don't know, like in Thio, help break down some material and create some soil and eventually the soil will build up and you'll be able to support mawr and more organisms until you'll eventually reach some type of climax community. No secondary succession is when a previously inhabited area so not like the start of a primary succession, which is a completely barren area previously inhabited area, is colonized by new organisms after a disturbance. So secondary succession requires some type of disturbance, like that image at the top of the page we saw. Now this disturbance can be something like a fire. It can also be man made these me human disturbances, for example, deforestation can lead to secondary successions and basically what will happen during six secondary successions. What we see charted out here first this top row is just showing the destruction which leads Thio essentially the starting point for the succession. And from there organisms will colonize and eventually you know and you sort of climax community will regrow. So with that, let's go ahead and flip the page