Ovaries and Testes

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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gonads are endocrine glands that produce gametes like sperm and egg. And they're also going to be responsible for secrete ing sex hormones. They're gonna be regulated by lutin izing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone from the pituitary. Now, the test is there gonna be male gonads and these air gonna produce steroid hormones called androgens, which are male sex hormones. The most famous and the main one is testosterone. This is going to regulate the development and maintenance of male sexual characteristics. For example, the deepening of the voice now malaria, inhibitory substances also gonna be secreted by the test ease. And this is going to prevent female reproductive anatomy development. There's this saying that nature's default is a female. So essentially, without the test is producing this hormone. The body would default and sort of, you know, develop female reproductive anatomy. Now the ovaries are female gonads, and these air gonna produce estrogen's, which are female sex hormones. The main estrogen is extra dial, and this regulates the development and maintenance of female sexual characteristics like breast development. Progesterone is another estrogen, and this is a steroid hormone that's gonna be involved in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy now. These days we have a lot of what are known as xeno estrogens in the environment, these air foreign substances that combined estrogen receptors and disrupt endocrine function. It's especially frightening because we're seeing a huge rise in the development of secondary sexual characteristics in very young girls, due to all these xeno estrogens that are out in the environment now, normally, these secondary sexual characteristics aren't initiated until puberty, which is this, uh, Siris of physical changes their initiated by hormonal signals and prepare a child's body your sexual reproduction. So it's going to develop the sexual characteristics necessary. You can see a nice outline of the connection between the Patou it Terry gland and the go nads here, and notice that testosterone and estrogen will have a negative feedback. The fact on G N r H release, which is going to come from the hypothalamus to you stimulate the pituitary gland. So these sex hormones are gonna cause, uh, you know, cause negative negative feedback at that point. All right with that, let's go ahead and flip the page