Neuroendocrine Signaling

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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the endocrine system is tightly linked with the other major signaling system of the body, the nervous system. Synaptic signaling. The signaling of the nervous system involves these cells, called neurons, which you can see an example of here, and these neurons will actually transmit electrical signals through their body. And when they reach the target, essentially, what happens is that electric signal gets translated into a chemical signal and released to the other cell as a chemical signal. And we call this connection between the two cells, the synapse and the cell that has the electric signal going through it. That's my little lightning bolt for electric Signal is going to translate that signal into neurotransmitters thes chemicals it will release that will cross this very small gap known as the synapse, and they'll bind to receptors on the cell it's trying to communicate with. So in this way, Thesiger Nell's are both electrical and chemical in nature. Now, the parts of, uh, the endocrine and nervous system that are linked together are known as, you know, nure omd, Quran elements. And so no Euro endocrine signaling is going to be when, uh, neuronal signals cause hormone secretion right So instead of just simply releasing some neuro transmitters to be picked up by another cell, this is going to involve, uh, hormone secretion, as is part of the endocrine system. So this is going to be the type of signaling that links those two communication systems in the body and the signaling molecules. It's going thio release. We call nure Oh, hormones. So these air hormones that are produced by neuroendocrine cells or cells that are involved in, you know, nervous signaling and endocrine signaling or synaptic signaling and endocrine signaling however you wanna think of it. Uh, now, the nervous system, uh, and the endocrine system are are really going thio be linked together in these two organs or brain, brain, region and a gland. Really, I should say, the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland this is going to be these guys are gonna be the major players of the endocrine system. And Thehyperfix Lemus is going to be a major player in the nervous system is well, so over here you can see the major endocrine glands on, and here you can see behind me. You can see the nervous system and here is kind of ah zoomed in image of a person's brain. And so the hypothalamus sits right above the pituitary gland. And again, the hypothalamus is going to be, uh, that major connection between the nervous system and the endocrine system. And it's, ah, a very special brain region. It will actually have a hand in a lot of other functions, too. But, uh, one of its maiden jobs is connecting the nervous system in the endocrine system, and that's because, in part, it is a super involved in Homo Stasis. So with that, let's flip the page and get into the nitty gritty details.