Introduction to Cellular Respiration Example 1

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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So here we have an example problem that's asking which of the following options list the stages of Arabic cellular respiration in the correct order. And we've got these four potential answer options down below. And so, of course, we know from our last lesson video that when it comes to remembering the stages of Arabic cellular respiration in the correct order, really, all we need to remember is that giant pandas killed Elvis and by remembering that giant pandas killed Elvis will be able to remember the stages in the correct order and so recall that the giant pandas killing Elvis stands for the G P K e here and the giant stands for, like Kalle assist the P stands for Piroozi oxidation. The K here stands for Krebs cycle, and the E here stands for electron Transport chan in Kenya's Moses. And so it needs to be these stages and this particular order and the only answer option that matches this particular order from our pneumonic is Option B like Collis is followed by Peruvian oxidation, followed by Krebs Cycle and then finally the electron transport chain and Kenya's Moses. And so Option B here is going to be the correct answer for this example problem. And that concludes this example. So I'll see you all in our next video.