Cerebellum and Brainstem

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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the cerebellum, or little brain, as its name means, sits in the back of the brain stem underneath the cerebral. Um, and as you can see, it really does look like a small version of the cerebral. Hence its name. Now, its main job is gonna be integrating motor functions, and it's not gonna actually initiate any sort of motor movement on its own. It's actually going to coordinate those signals and integrate the output. So, for example, when you're standing up straight, you actually have to coordinate many different muscles all over your body to maintain your posture. And without the cerebellum, you basically just face plant. You wouldn't be able to do that. It also plays a role in fine motor movements, for example, doing delicate tasks with your fingers. Um, now, moving on the brain stem is going to contain the pons and the medulla. Ah, blonde guidance right next to the cerebellum. However, our image here laksa, cerebellum. I don't know why Bias maybe wants to really emphasize the brain stem. Now, the Pons and the medulla oblon gotta are gonna have a role in unconscious types of functions that are necessary to live often. These are structures. Kind of thought of is like the lizard brain or something like that, very basil functions that are actually absolutely necessary to life. These air, very important areas. I mean, the ponds is involved in swallowing breathing, eye movements, posture and very interestingly dream production, which is not well understood it all. I mean, sleep and dreaming remain a big mystery in science to this day, but it is known that the ponds has a very important role in producing dreams. Now, the medulla problem got also kind of takes care of a lot of those passive unconscious functions that are necessary life, including maintaining heart rate. Uh, it's also gonna play a role in breathing in addition to the ponds, and it also is going to have a role in blood pressure. So that's why these air, you know, sometimes thought of as, uh, you know, more basil structures. They kind of take care of those unconscious functions. So with that, let's actually go ahead and flip the page