Taiga and Tundra

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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Tiger is the largest terrestrial bio on earth. It covers North America and Eurasia. It's absolutely mind boggling how much land area is taken up by tiger. Sometimes this bio is called northern coniferous forest, or perhaps boreal forest, and really, it's dominated by Conifers. And the reason for that is because Conifers are both cold tolerant and water loss resistant. And hopefully you can see by how far north this bio Miz. It's going to get very cold there. Additionally, drought is common, which is why the waxy needle like leaves of Conifers are well suited to this bio. Now the Arctic Tundra is the northernmost terrestrial bio. It basically runs along the northern edge of the the northern edge of land masses in the Northern Hemisphere and year round. It is cold, it's super cold. In fact, it's so cold year round that it has what's called permafrost, which is basically soil that remains frozen all year round. It also has very low precipitation, so this is clearly not an easy place to live. Yet life finds a way. As you can see from this image behind me. Um, it actually can be kind of beautiful in a way. Now I don't want Thio Harp about global warming, but I do want to say that the area, the amount of permafrost that is the area that is considered permafrost, has been shrinking at a pretty alarming rate due to global warming. Now with that, let's go ahead and flip the page.