Temperate Grasslands and Forests

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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Chapel Eliza Bio primarily found in California and Baja California. This is basically just scrubland. So little shrubby plants like you see in this image here where rainfall is going to be highly seasonal and you're also gonna have regular fires, which is gonna mean you're not gonna have a lot of tall trees right now. It is usually found at mid latitude coastal regions. Hence California and Baja California. However, you will find it in other parts of the world. It's just most common to there now. Temperate grasslands are kind of like oceans of grass is basically, uh there these big planes of grasses and they have dry winters, meaning not a lot of precipitation in the winter and lots of precipitation in the summer. And temperate grasslands include the Eurasian steppe, which is a massive, massive grassland that spans both. Well, it's kind of expands a large part of the Eurasian continent. I was gonna say it spans Europe in Asia, but I don't like making those distinctions because it is just one landmass, and also you'll find it in the North American prairie. Now we call it temperate because it falls into the temperate zone, which is basically the zone that lies between the tropics and the polar regions, and it's characterized by moderate temperature fluctuations. So not a lot of extremes here. Now, broadly forests or rather temperate broadly forests are gonna be found mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. And they're going to be dominated by disingenuous trees. And, you know, the temperatures. They can vary moderately. You will see, you know, snow in the winter and hot summers. Uh, but these aren't super extreme, uh, seasonal variations in temperature, and you'll also see moderate precipitation year round in these environments. Now here we're actually looking at what's called a temperate mixed forest, meaning that it is part broadleaf, as we see here. But hopefully you can identify. There are actually a couple Conifers in there. I only point this out just in case. There's a stickler out there going. I see some Conifers in that image that's not totally broadly forest. You're right. You caught me. I just happen to think this is a really beautiful picture, which is why I chose it. Now with that, let's flip the page